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    The many faces of Luhan | Weekly Idol, 130814

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    For Krisyeol fans
    On a radio show, Kris picked Tao as his favorite member. A lot of fans were upset especially Korean Krisyeol fans. They expected Kris to say Chanyeol’s name. They wondered why Kris picked Tao over Chanyeol.

    Kris treats Chanyeol differently from Tao. He treats Chanyeol like a princess while Tao is being treated like a little brother. Kris always buy WangZai milk and fruits for Chanyeol when he’s in China. He also buys American snacks for Chanyeol when he visits Canada. Chanyeol and Kris used to be roommates pre-debut. Chanyeol was the only one that successfully became Kris’s friend. Luhan tried to be friends with Kris but he gave up because they were two very different people. Lay and Kris were close to each other since they understood each other’s situation. SM is still very pro-Korean so they treat their Korean trainees better than their Chinese trainees. Chanyeol was able to be close to Kris because he’s very patient. Kris was difficult pre-debut so not many trainees were able to take the time to get to know him. Chanyeol studied Kris for awhile and understood how he is.

    All Kris’s Chinese stans know what Chanyeol means to Kris. The Kris that you see of today was not the Kris of before. Kris changed a lot. Because of Chanyeol, Kris was able to be more open with people. Chanyeol always try to make Kris smile and laugh. Chanyeol comes from a very happy and loving home. His whole family is very outgoing. Chanyeol’s personality rubbed off on Kris. They would practice rap together, go to the movies, and hang out with each other.

    Kris’s fans really love and adore Chanyeol’s relationship with Kris. They even tried to help promote Chanyeol as having a WangZai smile. Someday they hope WangWang company will noticed and give Chanyeol a WangZai CF. Many EXO fans drink Wangzai milk because of Chanyeol. Furthermore, on Coca-Cola’s official weibo, they posted a picture of Chanyeol drinking coke. It seems that Coca-Cola is interested in Chanyeol and Kris. Fans are hoping they are able to get a CF offer someday.

    Kris’s stans help aid Sichuan earthquake victims in his name to promote him. They sent aid supplies to the people that are in need. Also, Kris’s fans didn’t have enough people to help out so Chanyeol’s Chinese fans came out to help Kris’s fans. Kris’s fans felt very thankful to Chanyeol’s fans so they also help promote Chanyeol in China to thank them. Usually Korean members are not that popular in China but Kris’s fans were able to help Chanyeol trend on Chinese social media. Kris’s Chinese fans are very close to Chanyeol’s Chinese fans. They always help each other out if needed. This is why there’s a lot of Krisyeol fans in China. How Kris and Chanyeol’s fans treat each other is how other EXO member’s individual fandoms should be treating each other instead of squabbling with each other over nonsense. With Baekhyun’s Chinese fans, they are always bashing Chanyeol and Chanyeol’s fans on the internet. Therefore, a lot of their fans don’t get along with each other so they don’t help each other in anything. Baekhyun’s fans in China are disorganized. They don’t really do any support projects for him and they also fight among themselves. Nobody knows what is going on with them. Some fans think maybe Baekhyun showed his true side to his Chinese fans so they aren’t as supportive of him as before. In Korea, Baekhyun can get away with it but with overseas fans, it might be different.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with Taoris’s fans. I haven’t heard of any Kris stans help promote Tao in Chinese media yet. Kris has a lot of powerful fans that work in Chinese media so that’s why his picture is always used most of the time to represent EXO and he’s always mentioned. SM don’t promote Kris that much so a lot of Kris’s fans in high places take it upon themselves to promote him. SM is not very happy about that. They want to control Kris’s popularity without the Chinese media interfering. SM is worried that Kris might get too popular. L’Oreal Men was interested in Kris but SM didn’t accept any CF offers for him. SM wants an EXO OT12 Chinese CF. They won’t allow Luhan or Kris to accept any individual cfs in China. It’s really unfair since EXO-K has so many CFs in Korea already. SM is trying to promote EXO-K in China too so OT12 is a package deal.

    The Kris that we know now is very nice and warm. When fans approach him at airports, he would buy Starbucks coffee for the fans and they would chat. Kris answers every question a fan asked him except for personal questions. My EXO Korean fans’ friends want me to ask Kris at KCON why he chose Tao instead of Chanyeol. They want me to tell him to not forget what Chanyeol is to him. I don’t even care who Kris choose since he has his own reasons. However, I owe my friends a favor so if I am able to get into EXO’s autograph session, I will ask Kris for my friends.

    Chanyeol has always been there for Kris since the beginning until now. Tao and Kris were close with each other when they debuted but then after awhile they became distant with one another. Just recently when Tao and Kris started to post pictures of each other/themselves on their Chinese social sites is when they became close again. This is why fans are shocked that Kris picked Tao instead of Chanyeol. They were disappointed and sad. Chanyeol always stood by Kris’s side no matter what happened and he never betrayed Kris. This is why many Kris stans are fond of Chanyeol. Fans will get over it and sometimes people move on.


    - WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH YOU??? Do you know Kris personally?? How dare you assume loads of shit about him? He can pick whomever the fuck he wants! He picked Tao because he’s the closest with him, anyone with two eyes can see how much they care about eachother! If Kris and Tao were ever distant with eachother, it’s because of crazy fans like you that attacked Tao so openly that he was scared of being seen with Kris.. Kris can be close with who wants!! Sometimes crazy shippers really scare me, what the fuck is wrong with you seriously…  (via tokrisyeolfans)

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    Kim Kibum: the ultimate snoop

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    "No you fool!! You could fall!!"

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    xiumin doing aegyo while dancing to wolf

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    dreams feel real while we’re in them. it’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.

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    I think I know why Kris is ‘reserved’ according to the rest of the members. He has lived outside Asia, he has another perspective. He is us. And we wtf at exo 24/7 he is witnessing their gay IN PERSON DO U UNDERSTAND HOW FUCKING WEIRD THAT MUST BE TO HIM

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    1 of 178212812912 times when luhan can’t contain his feels for his Baozi

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